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Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.

Awards and Achievements


  • NORTH HEROES award in Indus in December,2013
  • GOLD CLUB ACHIEVER in Indus in November,2012 & constantly maintaining the same
  • NEW BENCHMARK CREATED in Rajasthan Circle by achieving PENTA NINE (99.999%)& HECTA NINE (99.9999%)uptime for the first time in Rajasthan in November,2012 & December,2012 respectively
  • WINNER OF HALLO BOL Contest in Indus in October,2012
  • BEST OME under Energy Management
  • CHAMPIONS IN ENERGY MANAGEMENT in Bharti Hexacom Limited in FY 11-12
  • Outstanding Contribution in achieving theBEST CIRCLE AWARD for the Financial Year 2010-11
  • Was awardedCELL OUTAGES REDUCTION Award in August, 2009 by Bharti Infratel
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